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Sep 16, 2022


Today’s episode is another round of OB and Smitty thinking through listener submitted questions. They start by talking about breathing, bracing, and CO2 tolerance. Then they dive into some nitty gritty training questions about injures, imbalances, form breakdowns, and even analyze a listeners squat video submission.

A question about grip training sparks the memory of a classic Smitty training story before rounding out the episode with tips on training for grappling.



[0:00] Intro

[1:25] Memorial Stair Climb

[9:30] Box Breathing

[12:55] Co2 Tolerance Test

[16:45] How OB Rehabbed His Neck Injury

[26:00] Smitty and OB analyze a listener’s squat video

[32:30] Best Way to Brace for a Squat

[35:20] Focusing on End Range Isometrics

[44:22] Weakness At The Bottom of the Bench Press

[50:15] Smitty’s Farmer’s Walk Story

[57:20] How to Train Muscular Imbalances

[1:01:33] Best Exercise for Grapplers




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