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Sep 29, 2022


Episode 38 marks the very first segment of “Quick Fix.” Due to the influx of listener questions on Instagram, Smitty and OB will be adding a separate episode each week in addition to the normal episode, that will be dedicated to answering your questions in a semi-rapid fire style. If you’re someone that doesn’t have time to listen to a full hour episode or have an extremely short attention span, these episodes are for you!

In the very first segment of Quick Fix, Smitty and OB talk about things training precautions for morning training, top movements that cause injury if not performed properly, and some very useful tips for recovery and fat loss. 

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[0:30] Precautions When Training In the Morning

[9:21] Top Movements that Cause Injury

[18:06] Are Grappler Squats the Devil?

[19:00] Best Exercise For Recovery Day

[20:40] Fat Loss Tips



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