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Sep 30, 2022


In today’s episode, we are honored to have Josh Lange on the show. Josh is a business owner, former MMA fighter,  jiu jitsu black belt, and a modern philosopher.

This episode touches on what Jiu Jitsu means and how it leads to self-mastery, but dives way deeper as Josh does a fantastic job at “zooming out” to see the big picture.

Emotional control, fitness, connectedness, and finding balance are all major take aways from our discussion with our friend Josh.

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[0:30] Breathing and Jiu Jitsu

[6:25] Smitty’s Embarrassing Jiu Jitsu Experience

[10:57] Jiu Jitsu Principles

[20:30] Lessons with Ego

[23:10] What Makes a Good Jiu Jitsu Athlete

[30:10] Handling Yourself Outside of the Gym

[35:05] German High Volume Training

[46:50] Daily Meditating

[55:30] Controlling Your Emotions

[59:10] Background in MMA

[1:06:00] Overcoming Obstacles in Your Journey

[1:11:07] Advice for Those Looking to Start Their Journey



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