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Sep 23, 2022


In our third segment of “Everything You Need to Know” Smitty and OB dive into an often overlooked aspect of training; the warm up.

Even those that do take the time to warm up are often neglect a true format and end up wasting time.

In this episode Smitty and OB cover everything from SMR, breathing, corrective exercise, the central nervous system, assessment and more. Smitty even lays out his eight phase protocol he uses with all of his high level athletes.

Be sure to give this a listen before your next workout and stay tuned until the end for an exclusive announcement!


[0:00] Shooter’s Gauntlet

[7:32] Warming Up

[15:50] How Pain Changes the Brain

[19:37] Taking the Neural E-Brake Off

[34:47] Take Care of Your Hot Spots

[39:22] How to Design Your Warm Ups

[45:00] Diaphragmatic Breathing

[48:31] How to “Autoregulate” Your Workouts

[1:02:00] Turning Up CNS Intensity Before the Workout

[1:07:00 Real World Example of The Warm Up Protocol



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